The Love Renegade Series > The Love Renegade # 1 (Sincerely, All White Women)

The Love Renegade # 1
(Sincerely, All White Women)

For twenty years David Tuason wrote hate mail to black men (several public figures) in romantic partnerships with white women, landing him a four-year prison term. When the FBI apprehended Tuason, his letters were self-determined acts of vengeance for being left for a black man by his white girlfriend. It was in reading his quote “eating three meals a day with nobody---it’s the most horrible thing in the world” that gave entrance to see past Tuason’s hateful acts, revealing a person suffering from debilitating loneliness. Instead of addressing his pain he spent 20yrs methodically focused on hate and blame. I believe this is a place many people get stuck. The first half of the video is a reconstruction of Tuason's sent letters given to me by the state prosecutor. And the second half is The Love Renegade's love letter to Tuason that was then mailed to him in prison. As well as, placing a copy of pages 106-107 from the book ‘What Happy People Know: How the New Science of Happiness Can Change Your Life for the Better’ (the crux of The Love Renegade’s adopted manifesto).