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The Love Renegade#308: I Love You Keith Bardwell (Phase I & II)

Forgiveness will not be possible until compassion is born in your heart. You have to do something in order for compassion to be born in your heart. In order to be compassionate you have to understand why the other person has done that to you and to your people. You have to see that they are victims of their own confusion, of their own wrong view, their own grieving, their own discrimination, their own lack of understanding and compassion. -----Thic Nhat Hanh

The Love Renegade is a series of art works focused on unsolicited acts of love to those acting a hot ass mess. The Love Renegade #308: I Love You Keith Bardwell (Phase I&II) is a transmedia / experimental documentary. In the film The Love Renegade’s gaze is placed upon former Justice of the Peace, Keith Bardwell who in 2009 broke the law for refusing to marry an interracial couple in Louisiana, because he believes children of interracial marriage have difficult lives.

The film gives the topic of LOVE (not race) back to interracial couples asking them the reasons they chose to marry their partner, as well as, asking biracial people/children to speak on their own behalf while addressing their feelings about Keith placing his "fears" on the backs of biracial children. The entire film focuses this dialogue through compassion, love and forgiveness.

Phase I was the film, Phase II is getting Keith Bardwell to see it! I AM asking all of you to participate in Phase II: PLEASE share it (via email, facebook, instagram, twitter, google+, tumblr, etc.) and to encourage the people you know to share it as well. The more people who share this film the stronger the possibility it will get Keith Bardwell's attention. So, please SHARE, SHARE, and SHARE, because this world could use some of this love. #iloveyoukeithbardwell